Cheapest Online Photo Prints Available 2011

Last week my daughter had her 1st birthday, and we have taken lots of pictures, and wifey wants to print at least 3/4 of those picures, though we alerady shared it on Facebook, thats the start for my quest to find the cheapest Photo Print Service available so if you are planning to print your pictures probably this research will help you. Most of these you can upload to their site and pick it up in store location near you.

So if you are planning to print pictures from your degital cameras or your high end DSLRs the following are the cheapest prints you can get this time for 4×6:

  1. Walmart cents per print
  2. Walgreens 10 cents
  3. CVS 15 cents
  4. Target 15 cents
  5. Sams Club 13 cents
  6. Costco 13cents (more than 500 is 10cents)
  7. 15cents per print
  8. Shutterfly 15 cents per print with 50 pcs free print when you sign up and if you sign up for prepaid plans you get 9 cents


But dont just check the price because sometimes they have hidden marketing campaign or promo that can help bring the price down, like when I uploaded photos at Walmart after a day I got an email that I could recieve free prints if I print certain amount… dont be in a hurry when trying to sign up for online service, wait a bit for promos.

Like when I signed up for Snapfish which is owned by HP, I got a gift card that is worth $20 of free prints if I let snapfish do the printing and I think Snapfish is tied up with Target so that when you upload your pix from them you can pick the prints up at Target, Like Kodak Gallery where you can also pick up the prints from Target store.
Prices above doesn’t include shipping and handling. Didn’t reflect vendors who prints your photo and ship it to your doorstep, since the shipping and handling costs makes the price per print expensive.


I hope this can help and shorten your search for cheapest Photo Prints.