Tillman’s Roadhouse


I heard Tillman’s Roadhouse has the great Fries in town(Dallas, TX)

When you order fries you get 3 different fravors and dip made in house and fresh.

This is the fourth time Tillmans Roadhouse came across in my friends conversations, on TV and on internet. I guess this will be the next dinner stop for the family.

Tillman’s Roadhouse

324 West 7th Street  Dallas, TX 75208

(214) 942-0988




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Stack House


Stack House along Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX near Baylor University Medical Center,just across my apartment.

Wifey me and baby Angel went to grab something to eat… And was amazed at what they have done to make this nice ambient high ceiling and spacious burger sandwich bar joint, I like the art and design of the store, they have a balcony where you can hang out.

Wifey ordered a Portobello Sandwich and fries the taste was great fresh and natural, I like it…

I got the burger without cheese it’s also great… The bread is soft and soft to chew while the meat is never dry, the lettuce is fresh and crunchy though on top of warm beef, I think this is the best replacement of Metro Diner who closed their doors recently, but Metro Diner is not at par to Stack House. I would say way better than In and Out Burger, it’s just like your favorite homemade burger.

Aldi Grocery Store

Aldi Grocery is great place to go if you son’t want to spend a lot. Items are cheap and still comparable to popular store brands.


and I buy At Aldi grocery my favorite Begian Creme Puffs for $4 compared to $10 at sams or costco…

Maple Glazed Salmon

I have been looking for this recipe, here it is, I think this is perfect for the Christmas celebration… Here’s the link to the recipe: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/maple-salmon/detail.aspx

I hope you will like it too.

Pesto and Pasta

My wife has been cooking pesto and I really loved it, I can even live while day eating pesto.

I brought some last night at work and bam! It’s gone… Fed 3 hungry souls, and now they are asking for a recipe… Don’t worry guys I will be making a video on how to cook Pesto, so you will also know how to cook one…

For now I will show you where to get lots of Basil leaves here in Dallas, TX. Well Walmart and target has fresh basil leaves in small containers for $4 something, while at Albertsons its $4-$5 their containers are bigger and it’s twice the amount Walmart and Target are selling..

While the cheapest Fresh Basil is found at Hong Kong Asian Market along walnut hill lane… They sell it per lb and its like $2 something and the contents is twice the amount sold at Albertsons

And that’s it for now, because I don’t have the exact measurements for cooking the Tina’s Best Pesto which daddy loves very much…

Be assured recipe is coming up…