Pasalubong from Philippines

these are partial list an OFW can bring back abroad when its time to say bye to Philippines again:

1. Daing, Bulad, Dried Fish
2. Kakanin
3. Budbud Suman
4. Home cooked dish (you need it frozen)
5. Choc Nut
6. PiliNut
7. Delicacies from your town
8. Yema
9. Medications
10. Ointments
11. TShirt (shop at island TShirt)
12. Frozen siopao
13. Spices (Ginisa mix etc)
14. Guitar shirt(I like them because its cool and easy to wash but SM stock them in small pieces)
15. Tsitserya-

1. freeze cooked food and cover the container with multiple pages of old newspaper.

and sometimes your friends will tell you what they want so that will give you a clue of what to bring.

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