On Greatness

I found this article from this site: SecretContents.com and I thinkthis is worth sharing, and later to remind myself again when it crosses mind again… though pending permission from the owner…


How to become great? What is the secret to greatness?  When we say something that is secret, it is something that most people don’t know. Since there are only few great persons in this world, as rare as one person in every hundred thousand individuals, then being great is really a hidden knowledge unknown to many people. Great people just not do great things; they also do these great things with consistence. So if you want to be great, you need to constantly do the greatest things which the majority of people can’t do. But what are these things? Actually, they are not secret things for we always heard them in almost every places of the Earth. We always heard and read about love, charity, kindness, humility, honesty and other things which seems to be easy to do yet very hard to accomplish. On the other hand, we are also familiar with negative forces such as hatred, selfishness, pride, deceit and other unhelpful manners which we ought to avoid yet we can’t afford to escape.

The greatest things to do are loving and avoiding the devil. Loving, since it is the summation of all good virtues. The devil, since it is the father of all evil and wickedness. The reason why many people aren’t great is simple – they use to carry out the easy things. Loving is hard, while letting your temper is easy. Being humble is difficult, while being proud is undemanding. Telling the truth is painful, while lying is fun. Giving is sacrificial, while receiving is gainful. If we will carefully analyze these things, we can conclude that benevolent people are greater than bad people. Even if we will review our world history, the people who were great are not measured by their riches and numbers of their soldiers – their greatness are considered through their honor and unselfishness.

The secret to greatness lies in the virtue of love and honor. If we will look deeper into these two qualities, we will find that what behind love is humility and what behind honor is serving. These two detailed qualities are the secrets to greatness. If we will put these two virtues in a person, it will form a “humble servant”. This is the man or woman who can be a great leader, a great teacher, a great lover, a great friend, or even a great hero. This person can control his anger, can practice unselfishness, can observe gentleness, and can achieve peacefulness, because he is armored with humility. Finally, he can also accomplish his goals, become victorious, and attain his glory, because as a servant, he is equipped with actions. This is the secret to become great. Now that you know it, can you become great?

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