Last Night about being helpful.

Last night something happened and it is a good example of why you need to be helpful at work.

because if you are helpful charge nurses will not let you admit a lot, because they can rely on you to help the charge nurse whenever he/she or your peers needs you, but if you are not helpful they will let you take the up the dirty job because they know that if you cannot handle the job charge nurse can just help you or the helpful nurse will just help you.

so it pays to be helpful as a nurse, or in other kind of work, you see, the reason why leaders are given the task to help you and you may see it as not so laborious job… its because leaders help- and doing management work is different kind of labor, it mind/thinking intensive but not as laborious as being a just the entry level staff nurse. Leaders will get lighter load while support staff mostly get the heavy load, because of the degree employees help.

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