Jollibee USA

From What I heard and read, Jolllibee USA still has no Food Processing Unit to supply all the branches in the US thus slows down their expansion.

Most of the stores are located in the West Coast(California).

Buy Jolllibee Stocks… been betting on this for 4 years now and it hasmore than doubled my money… another 400+ shares are on the way as soon as it hits the buy limit I set.

If Jack in the Box (NASDAQ:jack) is priced at $23 with 1Billion market capitalization upon writing this article; the Jollibee could easily reach that level and price in few years; while Jollibee market capitalization right now is 2.6Billion with a share price or $2.51… I bet in 10 years the price will be at the level of $10-20.

Disclaimer: Everything that I write on this blog are my opinion only and doesnt convince you to buy Jollibee Stocks if you need to, then buy at your own risk.



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