Chuck E Cheese with Angel and Tina


Angel at Chuck E Cheese… While there we also met a filipina yaya and she’s doing well, she said she is paid $700 per week I think she’s doing ok with that di naman siya nahihirapan the way I see her kasi naka iPhone pa siya…

With my little one she had great time… She ate celery and boy she liked it very much! She had great time watching chuck e cheese having concert and she runs whenever the hands of chuck e cheese moves as you can see her inset… She ride on a horse and loved climbing the stairs and slide, I know this first time will be followed with lots more in the future as she grows into toddlerhood to school age. Mom had fun eating the salad too and dad ate the chicken wings, the wings were just fine for a hungry dad…

Well the reason we went to chuck e cheese is that she had couple of shots from her 1year pediatrician appointment kaya we ended up bringing her there, our all first time, bow.


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