Buying from eBay with Chinese Sellers

I recently bought 2 items from eBay who happened to be the sellers were from China. Apparently, one of those item did not arrive at my doorstep and the other sent me a wrong item.

The Sellers resolution was to replace the items with no questions asked!

The reason I am sharing this to you, if theres someone who is reading this blog, is that I think Chinese sellers can easily be taken advantaged by this scheme. Like if you message them that you still have not received the item after a certain time and threaten them with negative feedback; they easily yield to just sending you again the another item.

We’ll I think the problem is the divide of country and system of sending the item to mainland US as well as tracking down the package is difficult especially for low priced items, in my case is the 0.99 cents iPhone case with $3 shipping and handling.

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