32 things to Buy for Balikbayan Box from USA


1. Chocolate (M&Ms, Hersheys,Godiva, Sees, Snickers, Reeses KitKat)
2. Candies (Jelly Belly, Nerds,)
3. T-shirts (Gap, Old Navy, Abercrombie, North face, RL,)
4. Souvenir Magnets from he 50 states or from your city.
5. Perfume (I like blue editions)
6. Electronics (iPhone, iPad, iWatch, Laptop, Nintendo, etc)
7. Shoes (Nike, Asics, Adidas, Under Armor, Reebok )
6. Toys (Disney,from Toys r us )
8. Food (bulk from Costco, Sams, Aldi, Walmart, Target, )
9. Nuts (Pecan, almonds, )
10. Fruit of the Loom and Hanes white shirts and products like socks, t-shirt, shorts…
11. Bible (nice bounded from Amazon)
12. Mug from Starbucks
13. Socks
14. Lotion
15. Watches
16. Jewelries
17. Microwavable pop corn packs
18. Mac and Cheese boxes
19. Canned goods (Spam,Campbells, any corned beef brand,)
20. Wine in boxes or bottle ( )
21. Pens and Pencil
22. Dollar Bill in $1 $5 $10 bills
23. Trader Joes Peanut Butter
24. Nutella
25. Trail Mix
16. Pistachios from Costco
17. Vitamins from Costco and Sams
18. Bags from Ross dress for less
19. Victorias Secret
20. Soap (Dove, Irish Spring,Head and Shoulders)
21. Make up and Lip stick
22. Stick Deodorants
23. Lotion (if you like bif containers, get it from Costco or sams)
24. Powdered Juice (Lemonade, Lipton Ice tea)
25. Pictures
26. Toys
27. Appliances
28. Jewelries
29. thick bath Towels
30. Caps and Hats
31. Jerseys of your fav sports team
32. Wine, Liquor, and Beer
33. Plates and dishes from Corningware

Where to buy this things you can get them from ALDI, Walmart, Target, Kohls, Outlet Stores, Outlet Mall, and the best time to buy these is during holidays like after holloween, thanksgiving, and after Christmas day and new years day.

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