AIDS not a hindrance to get a Heart Transplant

I have worked with heart transplant patients for the past 10 years already.

and its becoming often for me to see patients with HIV-AIDS get a heart transplant.

and so far they do well…

Some heart transplant centers will deny you if you have AIDS, if you have HIV you might want to try Baylor University Medical Center for your heart transplant and heart failure needs.

*I work at BUMC but i don;t get paid in writing this. so take this advice at your own risk. just dont want those lawsuit coming.

Avoid Sugar to decrease weight

avoid sugar- if you want to lose weight. Eat good breads instead like whole grain/wheat bread and not the white white bread.

Avoid Alcohol- basically it is a free glucose but coupled with side of food it could contribute to your gaining weight.

Exercise to lose weight.

Eat only when hungry and just enough, chew your food thoroughly and take time chew, because when you chew a food really good it sends impulses to your brain that you already ate a lot though just enough.

and Balance carbs and protien like eat more protien and less of carbs like rice, potatoes,pasta etc.

Real Estate Investment Tax Incentives

Since Tax season has started and coming to end, and since I have time to write this. I just want to share these tax perks you can get when you invest in real estate, sometimes tax preparers tend to forget to add this, all you have to do is prepare the following and your tax preparer will be happy to port this in so you can get tax the tax perks:

1. Interest Paid to your mortgage company- this can be found in your year end statement from your mortgage company, and usually this get sent to your address.

2. HOA fees or Management fees – if your real estate investment is managed by a property manager you can deduct that to your income as well as HOA fees.

3. Depreciation – this is one thing you need to add, your investment depreciates overtime and you can deduct that to your yearend income when you file your taxes.

4. Improvements- I dont know how this works but you can add this to the value of your property and I think this gets deducted also by using depreciation. This also include repair and rehab costs.

5. Green upgrade credits – like installing solar panels and green upgrades.

6. Insurance cost and taxes paid for the property are also tax deductible.

7. Tax deferred perks like

8. Local Travel –

9. Home Office-

10. Employee and independent contractors

11. Casualty and theft loses

12. Legal and professional services

13. 1031 exchange

14. Short Term vs Long Term Tax in real estate when selling.


so far this is the items i used to to lower my taxes and as well let me get a fat tax refund- and thats sweet!