Jollibee USA

From What I heard and read, Jolllibee USA still has no Food Processing Unit to supply all the branches in the US thus slows down their expansion.

Most of the stores are located in the West Coast(California).

Buy Jolllibee Stocks… been betting on this for 4 years now and it hasmore than doubled my money… another 400+ shares are on the way as soon as it hits the buy limit I set.

If Jack in the Box (NASDAQ:jack) is priced at $23 with 1Billion market capitalization upon writing this article; the Jollibee could easily reach that level and price in few years; while Jollibee market capitalization right now is 2.6Billion with a share price or $2.51… I bet in 10 years the price will be at the level of $10-20.

Disclaimer: Everything that I write on this blog are my opinion only and doesnt convince you to buy Jollibee Stocks if you need to, then buy at your own risk.



Jollibee Foods Corporation

Stock Symbol of Jollibee in in PSE: JFC, in the US the symbol is JBFCF. Not all online traders in the US trade Jollibee the ones that I know who trade them are Scottrade and TDAmeritrade.

Jolllibee has branches in all over the Philippines and in Brunei, Hong Kong, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Vietnam, China, United States of America and Qatar.

As of December, Jollibee Foods Corporation has a total of 2001 stores worldwide.


Dallas Fire Department Website

to find out whats happening in dallas county, dont tune in to radio(but of course tune in to radio for tornado warning as well watch the TV);

No need to have a handheld radio or be a texas radio operator to check whats happening around; just go to Dallas Fire Dept Website and do some few clicks and you can see whats happening around whether its and accident or a simple chest pain; or a medical emergency you will find it there.

Click her to see the ACTIVE INCIDENTS

Dallas Arts Festival

Over the weekend Dallas Arts Festival / Exhibit happened at Deep Ellum, Dallas, TX… the place was right for the event… because its the historic place for bands, bars, arts, and stuff.

The event was participated by people from dallas and sorrounding counties and states…

It was an exhibit of pottery art, exotoc tables, knives, and Photos of Dallas and TExas as state. The place was had 3 stages set for concerts; and one stage was for Dallas Music/Composers Guild (I cant remember the real name of the group); FM Radio stations camp out too to report the the progress of the event; Beer and Drinks are all over, including the Festival foods were drooling.

The best thing is its close to where i live.

Best Usenet Provider

of all the big names of usenet providers, Giganews, UNS, Usenetserver, Astraweb, and so on… the best one for great value is, you cant beat the $95 per year, unlimited, with SSL, 20 connections…

The thing with usenet that I dont like is the password protections, which makes it unattractive to people who not nerdy.
I hope this will get better in the months to come.

Blue Bonnet Sightings Near Dallas TX

Blue Bonnet is the Flower of Texas and are sporadic along the sides of roads during spring time. If you want to see them bloom in a vastness of fields go to Ennis TX and your eyes will be mystified how beautiful those flowers are. Heres a Link on how to get there.

If you want to see Blue Bonnet near Dallas and Fort Worth… Follow this link