Stack House


Stack House along Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX near Baylor University Medical Center,just across my apartment.

Wifey me and baby Angel went to grab something to eat… And was amazed at what they have done to make this nice ambient high ceiling and spacious burger sandwich bar joint, I like the art and design of the store, they have a balcony where you can hang out.

Wifey ordered a Portobello Sandwich and fries the taste was great fresh and natural, I like it…

I got the burger without cheese it’s also great… The bread is soft and soft to chew while the meat is never dry, the lettuce is fresh and crunchy though on top of warm beef, I think this is the best replacement of Metro Diner who closed their doors recently, but Metro Diner is not at par to Stack House. I would say way better than In and Out Burger, it’s just like your favorite homemade burger.

Aldi Grocery Store

Aldi Grocery is great place to go if you son’t want to spend a lot. Items are cheap and still comparable to popular store brands.


and I buy At Aldi grocery my favorite Begian Creme Puffs for $4 compared to $10 at sams or costco…


Careflight is the best emergent para transit in North Texas

They have top of the line ambulances and helicopters

I always see them here at Baylor University Medical Center picking up patients and delivering patients.

Being Poor is Expensive

being poor is expensive take it this way… If you are poor you buy cheap sometimes not working things or buy a piece of soap for $1 where a pack of 5 soap would only cost them $4.5

Basically and generally, goods and services for the poor is expensive.


List of Dallas Hospitals

Baylor University Medical Center 3500 Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX Operator: 214 820 1600 Emergency Room: 214 820 2501
Charlton Methodist Hospital 3500 W. Wheatland Road, TX 214-947-7777
Children’s Medical Center of Dallas 1935 Motor Street, Dallas 214-456-7000
Dallas Veterans Affairs Medical Center 4500 S. Lancaster Road 214-742-8387
Doctors Hospital 9330 Poppy Drive 214-324-6100
Forest Park Medical Center 11990 North Central Expressway 972 234 1900
Green Oaks Psychiatric Hospital 7808 Clodus Fields 972-991-9504
LifeCare Hospital of Dallas 6161 Harry Hines 214-525-6300
Baylor Uptown (aka Mary Shiels Hospital) 3515 Howell St. 214-443-3000
Medical City Children’s Hospital 7777 Forest Lane 972-566-8888
Medical City Dallas 7777 Forest Lane 972-566-7000
Methodist Medical Center 1441 N. Beckley Avenue 214-947-8181
North Central Surgery Center (Carrol Clinic) 214 265 2810
Parkland Memorial Hospital 5201 Harry Hines 214-590-8000
Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas 8200 Walnut Hill 214-345-6789
Renaissance Hospital Dallas 2929 S. Hampton Rd 214-623-4400
RHD Memorial Medical Center 7 Medical Parkway 972-247-1000
St. Paul Medical Center 5909 Harry Hines 214-645-5555
Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children 2222 Welborn 214-559-5000
Timberlawn Psychiatric Hospital 4600 Samuell Blvd 800-426-4944
Vibra Specialty Hospital 1950 Record Crossing 214-638-1500
Zale Lipshy University Hospital 5151 Harry Hines 214-645-5555

Baylor All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worh (817) 926-2544
Baylor Medical Center at Carrollton (972) 492-1010
Baylor Medical Center at Frisco (214) 407-5000
Baylor Medical Center at Garland (972) 487-5000
Baylor Medical Center at Irving (972) 579-8100
Baylor Medical Center at McKinney (469) 742-9782
Baylor Medical Center at Southwest Fort Worth (817) 346-5700
Baylor Medical Center at Trophy Club (817) 837-4600
Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie (972) 935-9095
Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine (817) 481-1588
Baylor Regional Medical Center at Plano (469) 814-2000
Baylor Plano THE HEART HOSPITAL (469) 814-3278
Baylor Specialty Hospital Dallas (214) 820-9720
Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas (214) 820-0111
Centennial Medical Center Frisco (972) 963-3333
Children’s Medical Center of Dallas (214) 456-7000
Children’s Medical Center at Legacy (469) 303-7000
Cook Children’s Medical Center Fort Worth (682) 885-4000
Cook Children’s Northeast Hospital (817) 605-2500
Dallas Medical Center Farmers Branch (972) 247-1000
Dallas Regional Medical Center in Mesquite (214) 320-7000
Dallas Womens Hospital of Mesquite (972) 270-3300
Denton Community Hospital (940) 898-7000
Doctors Hospital at White Rock Lake (214) 324-6100
Ennis Regional Medical Center (972) 875-0900
HCA Denton Regional Medical Center (940) 384-3535
HCA Las Colinas Medical Center (972) 969-2000
HCA Medical Center of Arlington (817) 465-3241
HCA Medical Center of Lewisville (972) 420-1000
HCA Medical Center of McKinney (972) 547-8000
HCA Medical Center of Plano (972) 596-6800
HCA Medical City of Dallas (972) 566-7000
HCA North Hills Hospital (817) 255-1000
HCA Plaza Medical Center of Fort Worth (817) 877-5292
Huguley Memorial Medical Center (817) 293-9110
John Peter Smith Hospital of Fort Worth (817) 921-3431
Kindred Hospital Arlington (817) 548-3400
Kindred Hospital Dallas (214) 355-2600
Kindred Hospital Fort Worth (817) 332-4812
Kindred Hospital Fort Worth Southwest (817) 346-0094
Kindred Hospital Mansfield (817) 473-6101
Kindred Hospital White Rock (214) 324-6562
Lake Pointe Medical Center Rowlett (972) 412-2273
Lifecare Hospital of Dallas (214) 525-6300
Lifecare Hospital of Fort Worth (817) 370-6078
Lifecare Hospital of Plano (214) 473-8822
Mesquite Specialty Hospital (972) 216-2300
Methodist Charlton Medical Center (214) 947-7777
Methodist Dallas Medical Center (214) 947-8181
Methodist Mansfield Medical Center (682) 622-2000
Methodist McKinney Hospital (972) 569-4500
Methodist Midlothian Health Center (972) 775-7410
Methodist Richardson Medical Center (972) 498-4000
Methodist Richardson Medical Center Bush/Renner (469) 726-6700
North Texas VA Medical Center (214) 857-1399
Parkland Memorial Hospital (214) 590-8000
Plano Specialty Hospital (972) 758-5200
Regency Hospital of North Dallas – Carrollton (972) 236-6800
Select Specialty Hospital of DeSoto (972) 780-6500
Select Specialty Hospital of North Dallas (469) 862-1400
South Hampton Community Hospital of Dallas (214) 623-4400
Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital (817) 960-6100
Texas Health Harris Methodist Azle (817) 444-8600
Texas Health Harris Methodist Cleburne (817) 641-2551
Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth (817) 250-2000
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hurst-Euless-Bedford (817) 848-4000
Texas Health Harris Methodist Southlake (817) 748-8700
Texas Health Harris Methodist Southwest Fort Worth (817) 433-5000
Texas Health Presbyterian Allen (972) 747-1000
Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas (214) 345-6789
Texas Health Presbyterian Denton (940) 898-7000
Texas Health Presbyterian Flower Mound (469) 322-7000
Texas Health Presbyterian Kaufman (972) 932-7200
Texas Health Presbtyerian Plano (972) 981-8000
Texas Health Presbyterian Rockwall (469) 698-1000
Texas Health Specialty Hospital (817) 250-5500
Texas Regional Medical Center of Sunnyvale (972) 892-3000
Texas Specialty Hospital of Dallas (214) 637-0000
UT Southwestern Medical Center (214) 645-5555
UT Southwestern Medical Center North (214) 645-5555
UT Southwestern – St. Paul Hospital (214) 645-5555
UT Southwestern – Zale-Lipshy Hospital (214) 645-5555
Weatherford Regional Medical Center (817) 341-2273

Corn casserole

I want to know how to make this… searching for recipe.

Smoothies Paradise


Smoothies Paradise in Grapevine Mills
Looks like they’re not serving drinks anymore no ones around…


I am just wondering how a person become matampuhin…

I am just trying to understand it I hope there’s a someone out there who can explain this to me…

Transplant infections how to avoid it

These are things to avoid if you have been transplanted to prevent infection:

  • wear surgical mask all the time
  • avoid close contact with children who got live-virus vaccine within a month
  • wear gloves and mask e
    When gardening
  • avoid going to public spaces
  • avoid pets and litter
  • thoroughly clean, wash fresh fruits and vegetables
  • good hand washing is a must and keep hands away from face
  • avoid people who has infection or flu
  • cover mouth when coughing and sneezing and throw tissues in the trash
  • don’t share eating utensils with someone who is ill
  • avoid handling animal waste or poop
  • no vaccination unless done at the transplant clinic
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    Transplant Rejection

    At work I usually have the chance to take care of newly transplanted heart and lung patients… And whenever I have a chance to tell them about what transplant is all about; I always don’t forget to tell them about transplant rejection signs and symptoms which I did to my patient tonight; and those are:

  • anything that is out of norm don’t consider it normal
  • flulike symptoms like fever, joint pains, coughing, coarse breath, edema
  • infection
  • weight gain over 2 lbs in 2 days
  • shortness of breath
  • fatigue
  • high blood sugar levels
  • sores or wounds that does not heal
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    on Humility

    Humility makes great men twice honourable.

    Deny Self for Self’s sake.

    To be humble to Superiors is Duty, to Equals Courtesy, to Inferiors Nobleness.

    If you know how to spend less than you get, you have the Philosophers-Stone.

    Wink at small faults; remember thou hast great ones.


    -from Poor Richards Almanac by Benjamin Franklin

    Beautiful Skin

    According to Nicholas Perricone: Cut on sugars and get a lot of Omega-3’s so that you will have beautiful skin…

    Because sugar is inflammatory to the body, if you have lots of those. If you want me to explain that pls leave a comment.

    And Omega-3’s are anti-inflammatory and that’s why it is good to your skin and make you younger and maintain your beautiful skin.

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    Pfizer losing patent for Lipitor this November 2011

    I used to own the stocks of Pfizer then I sold it I don’t know why; well probably the company wasn’t giving me value that time.

    But I think this time will upset the shareholders again, because Pfizer is losing their patent for Lipitor which brings around 10 billion dollars a year; and Ranbaxy’s exclusive manufacturing rights will end this May; and this will bring the price down to probably $30 to $50 per 30 days compared to $200, and I think it will bring the cost down more since there are lots of generic drug manufacturers competing for this.


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    Fabric Care Label Symbols

    The following information is provided by the U. S. Federal Trade Commission as part of Project Clean. The symbols appearing on garment labels provide care instructions from the manufacturer. 

    As a minimum, laundering instructions include (in order) four symbols: washing, bleaching, drying, and ironing. Drycleaning instructions include one symbol. Additional symbols or words or both may be used to clarify the instructions. The water temperatures listed below are provided as a guideline.Actual water temperatures obtained in the home depend on washing machine settings(hot, warm, cold), regional supply temperatures,water heater settings.



    Normal Wash READ MORE…


    Permanent Press / Wrinkle Resistant


    Gentle and Delicate


    Hand Wash


    Water Temperature 30C/85F (Cold/Cool)




    Water Temperature 50C/120F (Hot)


    Warning: DO NOT WASH


    Warning: DO NOT WRING



    Any Bleach (When needed)


    Only Non-Chlorine Bleach (When needed)


    Warning: Do Not Bleach







    Permanent Press/Wrinkle Resistant


    Gentle / Delicate


    Heat Setting: Low


    Heat Setting: Medium


    Heat Setting: High


    Special Instructions: Line Dry / Hang to Dry


    Special Instructions: Drip Dry


    Special Instructions: Dry Flat


    Special Instructions: Drip in the Shade


    Warning: Do Not Dry (used with Do Not Wash)


    Warning: Do Not Tumble Dry





    Iron Low


    Iron Medium


    Iron High


    Warning: Do Not Iron


    Warning: Iron No Steam


    Dry Clean

    Dry Clean


    Any Solvent


     Dry Clean – Normal Cycle:

    Any Solvent except Tricloroethylene

    Dry Clean- Normal Cycle:

    Petroleum Solvent Only

    Professionally Dryclean:

    Reduce Moisture

    Professionlally Dryclean:

    Short Cycle

    Professionally Dryclean:

    No Steam Finishing

    Professionally Dryclean:

    Low Heat


    Do not Dry Clean










    On Greatness

    I found this article from this site: and I thinkthis is worth sharing, and later to remind myself again when it crosses mind again… though pending permission from the owner…


    How to become great? What is the secret to greatness?  When we say something that is secret, it is something that most people don’t know. Since there are only few great persons in this world, as rare as one person in every hundred thousand individuals, then being great is really a hidden knowledge unknown to many people. Great people just not do great things; they also do these great things with consistence. So if you want to be great, you need to constantly do the greatest things which the majority of people can’t do. But what are these things? Actually, they are not secret things for we always heard them in almost every places of the Earth. We always heard and read about love, charity, kindness, humility, honesty and other things which seems to be easy to do yet very hard to accomplish. On the other hand, we are also familiar with negative forces such as hatred, selfishness, pride, deceit and other unhelpful manners which we ought to avoid yet we can’t afford to escape.

    The greatest things to do are loving and avoiding the devil. Loving, since it is the summation of all good virtues. The devil, since it is the father of all evil and wickedness. The reason why many people aren’t great is simple – they use to carry out the easy things. Loving is hard, while letting your temper is easy. Being humble is difficult, while being proud is undemanding. Telling the truth is painful, while lying is fun. Giving is sacrificial, while receiving is gainful. If we will carefully analyze these things, we can conclude that benevolent people are greater than bad people. Even if we will review our world history, the people who were great are not measured by their riches and numbers of their soldiers – their greatness are considered through their honor and unselfishness.

    The secret to greatness lies in the virtue of love and honor. If we will look deeper into these two qualities, we will find that what behind love is humility and what behind honor is serving. These two detailed qualities are the secrets to greatness. If we will put these two virtues in a person, it will form a “humble servant”. This is the man or woman who can be a great leader, a great teacher, a great lover, a great friend, or even a great hero. This person can control his anger, can practice unselfishness, can observe gentleness, and can achieve peacefulness, because he is armored with humility. Finally, he can also accomplish his goals, become victorious, and attain his glory, because as a servant, he is equipped with actions. This is the secret to become great. Now that you know it, can you become great?



    Do you think this is a waste of money? And I pass this elevator seldom now, this used to be an escalator going to the 2nd floor, since they remodeled this site and the institution needs more space, they took down the escalator and replaced it with an elevator that just takes so long to go up and down, that’s why I use the stairs now and use it less and less, but today was different and I am not in a hurry, and right now I’m enjoying the ride.