Nursing here in the US is so much concerned about patient safety, primarily because of legislations and recommendations of Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organization as well as CMS and Medicare.

Patient safety includes prevention from falls. Safety of patients when getting medications. Safety of patients when they are handled by healthcare professionals. It also includes safety from outside/external influences etc.
and almost a whole lot more, which everything you do and move you do, plan to do… With all this helps the nurse

Creamer Cravings

Baileys Creamer and Coffee mate Creamer


When Coffee Creamer are popping up at work, you know Christmas is right at the corner.

Hmmm I think tonight I will have the Creme Brûlée and maybe next time will be the Irish Creme and next time will be the Peppermint Mocha probably, this Halloween Pumpkin Spice will be great, and my all time favorite is the French Vanilla, I like the Cinamon Vanilla Creme too……

I am not a coffee guy, just a social coffee drinker maybe and when need necessitates and nakikihingi lang po ng coffee creamer, wawa naman hehehe And coffee just makes me full of sugar again, it’s just that I want my coffee with real sugar like the real imperial sugar of Dr Pepper though the creamer itself are sweetened already… I think I need to distance myself from coffee this time to prepare my waist for a bigger consumption this Christmas season :0 hahaha


San Miguel Beer in Dallas TX


You can buy San Miguel Beer in Dallas at Hong Kong Market they also have San Miguel Lager Beer and Cali Shandy too… The only thing I’m looking is Red Horse Beer, I hope one day they will sell Red Horse in Dallas TX.

San Miguel Beer here in the U.S. are sold in six pack in one box it has 4 six packs. Isang case din yon…

It’s weekend again and it’s time to chill hahaha

Kendall DL Lead Wires

Kendall DL Lead Wires


The Kendall DL Lead Wires are used on telemetry units here in the US to prevent transfer of communicable diseases and microorganisms, in short for infection prevention, especially MRSA which is almost common to patients who have stayed in the health care facilities for a long time, and also used to for patients with CDifficile and others…

They are disposable so you can just toss it away when patients get discharged.


Cardinals win the Series


2nd time upset for Texas Rangers to get the World Series, first one was last year when they were defeated by San Francisco Giants and now by St Louis Cardinals… I like Texas Rangers to win but they are still weak and are afraid and easily get stressed when reaching the World Series… I hope they will still have a chance to win.

Maple Glazed Salmon

I have been looking for this recipe, here it is, I think this is perfect for the Christmas celebration… Here’s the link to the recipe:

I hope you will like it too.

Pesto and Pasta

My wife has been cooking pesto and I really loved it, I can even live while day eating pesto.

I brought some last night at work and bam! It’s gone… Fed 3 hungry souls, and now they are asking for a recipe… Don’t worry guys I will be making a video on how to cook Pesto, so you will also know how to cook one…

For now I will show you where to get lots of Basil leaves here in Dallas, TX. Well Walmart and target has fresh basil leaves in small containers for $4 something, while at Albertsons its $4-$5 their containers are bigger and it’s twice the amount Walmart and Target are selling..

While the cheapest Fresh Basil is found at Hong Kong Asian Market along walnut hill lane… They sell it per lb and its like $2 something and the contents is twice the amount sold at Albertsons

And that’s it for now, because I don’t have the exact measurements for cooking the Tina’s Best Pesto which daddy loves very much…

Be assured recipe is coming up…

Cheapest Online Photo Prints Available 2011

Last week my daughter had her 1st birthday, and we have taken lots of pictures, and wifey wants to print at least 3/4 of those picures, though we alerady shared it on Facebook, thats the start for my quest to find the cheapest Photo Print Service available so if you are planning to print your pictures probably this research will help you. Most of these you can upload to their site and pick it up in store location near you.

So if you are planning to print pictures from your degital cameras or your high end DSLRs the following are the cheapest prints you can get this time for 4×6:

  1. Walmart cents per print
  2. Walgreens 10 cents
  3. CVS 15 cents
  4. Target 15 cents
  5. Sams Club 13 cents
  6. Costco 13cents (more than 500 is 10cents)
  7. 15cents per print
  8. Shutterfly 15 cents per print with 50 pcs free print when you sign up and if you sign up for prepaid plans you get 9 cents


But dont just check the price because sometimes they have hidden marketing campaign or promo that can help bring the price down, like when I uploaded photos at Walmart after a day I got an email that I could recieve free prints if I print certain amount… dont be in a hurry when trying to sign up for online service, wait a bit for promos.

Like when I signed up for Snapfish which is owned by HP, I got a gift card that is worth $20 of free prints if I let snapfish do the printing and I think Snapfish is tied up with Target so that when you upload your pix from them you can pick the prints up at Target, Like Kodak Gallery where you can also pick up the prints from Target store.
Prices above doesn’t include shipping and handling. Didn’t reflect vendors who prints your photo and ship it to your doorstep, since the shipping and handling costs makes the price per print expensive.


I hope this can help and shorten your search for cheapest Photo Prints.

Saturday Suck!

I found this article of Tom Basson at and I feel this article reflects my belief… still awaiting for toms’ permission to repost this article here. I just want a copy now, and probably post it here, if he doesnt want it published here, I will take it down and just keep the copy for myself.  So here it is verbatimly:


Every year on Good Friday Christians gather to remember the day Christ was crucified. It is a day of great sorrow and pain. A day the world was cast into darkness and all hope was lost. A day of great mourning.

But Friday is not the end.

On Easter Sunday we gather again, but this time to celebrate. To rejoice in the hope that Christ is risen. It is a day of great joy and praise and wonder for the marvelous gift of grace!

But then there is Saturday. The day without a name.

The day after a prayer gets prayed, but before it gets answered. The day after a soul gets crushed, but before it gets lifted up again. The day in-between. In between despair and joy. In between hate and love. In between death and life.

And here’s the thing – we live in a Saturday world.

So often in life we find ourselves in that space in between. In between utter confusion and blinding clarity. In between bad news and good news. In between loneliness and companionship. In between who we are and who we hope to be.

And the biggest problem with Saturday is that when you’re in it, you have no idea that Sunday is even coming. When Jesus died, the disciples were scared and confused. In their minds Jesus had failed. All hope was lost. It was over. When you find yourself in a Saturday, it’s easy to think it will last forever.

So why does God make us wait? Why can’t we just go from Friday to Sunday?

Well, I think it’s got something to do with the fact that it is on Saturday that we draw closest to God. It is on Saturday that we fall to our knees and cry out to Him. And it is on Saturday that we most realise our need for Him.

And the reality is that Sunday will eventually come. When and how we don’t know. But it will come, and the tears will be wiped away, and the suffering we’ve experienced will suddenly make sense.

So, what day are you in right now? Friday, Saturday or Sunday?

Inspiration for this blog came from a sermon series by John Ortberg entitled “Friday, Saturday, Sunday”

Sudden Death

Sudden death in baseball now… I hope Rangers will win the series this time.

I think they will win, Because my baby Angel is is wearing her Rangers shirt…

Too bad I can’t watch the whole game.

The best championship MLB I ever seen.


And that’s my baby Angel dressed up for the game 6.

Post Entry… after the game at 2300H

And TEXAS RANGERS lost the game… everyone here is sad.

Chuck E Cheese with Angel and Tina


Angel at Chuck E Cheese… While there we also met a filipina yaya and she’s doing well, she said she is paid $700 per week I think she’s doing ok with that di naman siya nahihirapan the way I see her kasi naka iPhone pa siya…

With my little one she had great time… She ate celery and boy she liked it very much! She had great time watching chuck e cheese having concert and she runs whenever the hands of chuck e cheese moves as you can see her inset… She ride on a horse and loved climbing the stairs and slide, I know this first time will be followed with lots more in the future as she grows into toddlerhood to school age. Mom had fun eating the salad too and dad ate the chicken wings, the wings were just fine for a hungry dad…

Well the reason we went to chuck e cheese is that she had couple of shots from her 1year pediatrician appointment kaya we ended up bringing her there, our all first time, bow.